Expectations for Youth and Adults Second Presbyterian Youth, Louisville, KY

The Purpose of These Expectations

As a community of God, the Youth Ministry Program at Second Presbyterian Church (2PY) strives to create a safe, loving community where participants actively learn about who they are as they learn about whose they are. In order to maintain this environment, the following document has been established. These expectations will be in effect for youth and adult leaders involved in 2PY anytime they are on the campus of Second Presbyterian Church, at an event or trip sponsored by Second Presbyterian Church, and whenever the youth and adult leaders are together for any reason. Knowing that individual sacrifices occur in a true community, this statement of expectations has been prayerfully composed with the safety of all participants in mind.

The Living Document

The responsibility to approve this statement of expectations ultimately falls into the hands of the Youth Committee. Participants and parents of participants in 2PY are encouraged to work with the Youth Committee in modifying these expectations as necessary, or every two years. The success of this document relies on the cooperation of everyone involved.

The Foundation

This community is founded on God’s love and God’s teachings. All behavior and leadership decisions should be made accordingly. Participants should always behave in the best interest of the community, acting with love, respect, and responsibility. Participants will always be held responsible for their actions. Participants unclear about the appropriateness of a behavior should seek the advice of the Associate Pastor or an adult leader.


The following list of expectations has been developed to effectively communicate some specific behavioral concerns that commonly exist in group situations:

  • Full participation is asked of every participant during every meeting, event, program, activity, practice, trip, or rehearsal.
  • Participants need to demonstrate respect for themselves and other people, as well as personal, public, and church property at all times.
  • The possession or use of any illegal drugs, illegal substances, alcohol, weapons, or tobacco products of any kind is strictly prohibited.
  • Displays of affection should be appropriate and limited to side hugs, high fives, etc. Purpling (males and females going off by themselves or males and females behind closed doors) is not allowed. Participants are not to engage in any sexual activity.
  • Language should be positive, supportive, and representative of our church family.
  • Seatbelts must be worn when traveling.
  • Participants should adhere to local, state and federal laws.

Management of These Expectations

It is the responsibility of all participants (youth and adults) to hold all other participants accountable for their behavior. The adults should not be expected to act as the only responsible members of 2PY, but should be respected as figures of authority. It is the responsibility of the Associate Pastor to ultimately uphold these expectations and to make judgment calls when necessary.


For serious concerns (drugs, alcohol, tobacco, weapons, sexual activity, or any illegal behavior including misdemeanors and felonies), the youth will be required to notify their parents about their behavior in the presence of an adult leader. Once notified, the parent(s) of the youth and adult leader(s) will work together to establish the next appropriate step with the youth’s best interest in mind.

Less serious concerns will result in a conference with the Associate Pastor or an adult leader to decide upon an appropriate consequence.

The Associate Pastor (AP) reserves the right to send any participant home at their own expense for inappropriate behavior. If the AP is not present when sending home a participant, adult leaders must clear the decision through the AP or one of the other pastors at Second Presbyterian Church.


These expectations have been developed and approved by the Youth Committee for the safety of our community and the general well-being of the individuals. They are designed to be positive guidelines for living. Anyone should feel free speak to our Youth Committee or Associate Pastor regarding any of these expectations.

Event:  2023–2024 Youth Group Trips & Events

Date:  All Dates

We, the undersigned, have read and discussed this statement of expectations and agree to abide by it.