Adult Education

Let the wise listen and add to their learning and let the discerning get guidance.
Proverbs 1:5

Sunday School Classes

Biblical Studies

The Biblical Studies class deals with historical critical scholarship related to the Bible and is of particular interest to Christians who want to understand the Bible more thoroughly in terms of its long history. No prior Biblical knowledge is necessary, simply a curiosity for historical details related to the Bible and its Christian origins. The class is led by Acton Ostling, retired Professor of Music at the University of Louisville, and it meets in Room 252, adjacent to the church parlor.

Reformed and Always Being Reformed

What does it mean to be "Reformed?" As Presbyterian we are a part of the Reformed Tradition but what does that mean and how do we understand that today? We will look at the confessions of our church to discover together what we mean by reformed theology and how that applies in today's world. The class is led by Pastors Nathan Sautter and Steve Jester.


Members of the Pathways Class are united in their pursuit of knowledge of Biblical, historical and social issues, and all other facets that lead to a balanced Christian life. The class is also a community that has a yearly seminar, a Derby party, and a Christmas get-together along with other social events. As one example, class members make sandwiches for the Wayside Christian Mission. The class meets in Fellowship Hall A with moderator Elizabeth Clay.

Encountering the Enneagram

Interested in growing in your self-awareness, learning more about how you operate in the world, and discerning who God has created us to be? Join us each Sunday for an exploration of the Enneagram, an ancient spirituality tool for self-discovery and personal growth. This class will unpack each of the nine Enneagram types as we discover together how we have been uniquely created for relationship with ourselves, with one another, and with God. This class is led by Teresa Larson, Current student at Louisville Presbyterian Seminary and will meet in the Fellowship Hall.

Reading The Bible

The Reading The Bible class doesn’t require knowledge of Greek or Hebrew. But understanding what a Biblical phrase or verse means in today’s language calls for knowledge of the historical setting and what it meant when it was written in another language, with concern for its theological meaning today. The class is led by Dr. Marty Soards, Professor of New Testament Studies at Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, and the class meets in the Chapel.

2nd Sunday

The 2nd Sunday class is for parents of children from birth through early teens. Curriculum deals with issues facing young parents trying to raise faithful children in this tumultuous and ever-changing world. Class members share experiences and ideas, with the goal of helping each other find ways to make God the center of our families. The class meets in Room 251 with facilitators Lee and Vic Baltzell.

Bible Study Offerings

Morning Joy

Spring and Fall sessions of this weekly Bible study on Thursday mornings concentrate on a specific book of the Bible. Classes meet in Fellowship Hall and are led by Senior Pastor Steve Jester, with the women and men who attend – both church members and guests -- providing lots of discussion and questions.

Classes begin at 9:30 a.m. with coffee and the sharing of church joys and concerns. At the conclusion of each class by 11 a.m., small discussion groups convene for those who choose to participate. A syllabus of the class study will be provided in advance of Morning Joy sessions, so that attendees can familiarize themselves with what book of the Bible to concentrate on in preparation.

Men’s Weekday Bibly Study

The John Rodman Men’s Bible Study class meets for one hour each Friday, at 7 a.m., for fellowship, prayer, and study of a Bible passage. The group focuses on the meaning of each weekly passage and related commentaries, and how they relate to their personal lives. Study topics are announced in advance so that attendees can prepare themselves for the discussion. The Rev. Dr. John M. Mulder leads the class, which meets in Room 251, next to the Library.

The schedule is as follows:

Sep 4:Letter to the Ephesians—Brown 224-230
Sep 11:Pastoral Letter: To Titus—Brown 231-236
Sep 18:Pastoral Letter: The First to Timothy—Brown 237-251
Pastoral Letter: The Second to Timothy
Sep 25:Letter to the Hebrews—Brown 252-259


The Transit young adult ministry is for those in transition. Many participants are in their 20s or early 30s and are in flux between school, entering the workforce, climbing the career ladder and everything in between. It is for young adults who are veterans of Louisville as well as those who are new to the area and are trying to find a community and group to connect with. Transit meets every other Thursday during the school year at 7 p.m. for dinner and conversation about faith and life. There also are various social gatherings through the year. Contact Associate Pastor Nathan Sautter for more information.