Director of Children’s Ministries

Scope and Purpose

The Director of Children’s Ministries provides opportunities to enrich the faith formation of children and their families at Second Presbyterian Church Louisville and calls the faith community to faithfully love and serve them.


  1. Bachelor’s degree in Christian Education, child development, education, or related field and 3+ years demonstrated related experience with children. Understanding of child development theory.
  2. Congenial and positive disposition. Joyful enthusiasm and love for work with children, and ability to connect with them and establish a positive and supportive relationships with their families.
  3. Experience working with volunteers including recruiting, training, supervising, supporting, and providing feedback.
  4. Demonstration of collaboration, delegation, teamwork, patience, and flexibility.
  5. Enthusiastic educator with ability to plan and facilitate creative, whimsical, engaging, and exciting, age-appropriate learning experiences for children.
  6. Commitment to own faith formation and spiritual development as well as that of children and their families.
  7. Good listening, verbal, and written communication skills.
  8. Good administrative skills including planning, organization, time management, and program evaluation.
  9. Experience with creating and managing budgets.
  10. Basic computer skills, including email, internet, word processing, and spreadsheets.


The Director of the Children’s Ministries facilitates the children’s ministries of Second Presbyterian Church in collaboration with the Children’s Ministries Committee. The Director of the Children’s Ministries, as a member of the church staff and a Christian community, ensures that the relationship between children, families, and congregants is nurtured and rooted in joyful Christian discipleship. The Director of the Children’s Ministries shall:

  1. Visit and welcome others as part of a vibrant Christian community and in conjunction with other pastoral staff members and committee members:
    • Welcome by name and know the children and their families at activities and events at Second Presbyterian Church.
    • Visit all new members of the church with children within their first year.
    • Call on families with new babies to welcome the child/children into the Second Presbyterian Church family.
    • Follow-up in a timely manner with all first-time visiting children and their families.
  2. Work closely with the Associate Pastor for Faith Formation and Mission in developing and executing a comprehensive faith formation plan with milestones that span from birth to death.
  3. Design a yearly faith formation plan for young children that aligns with Second Presbyterian Church’s mission statement, core values, goals, and children’s faith formation milestones.
  4. Develop, coordinate, facilitate, and evaluate faith formation activities and events that focus on active learning and exploration which are creative, whimsical, engaging, exciting, and age-appropriate for children and their families such as Sunday morning classes, Children’s Message during Sunday worship, Vacation Bible School, Project Serve, Smiley Camp, Parent’s Night Out, Wednesday’s Together, mission/service opportunities, and seasonal events.
  5. Recruit, train, supervise, coordinate, support, and provide feedback to Children’s Ministries program volunteers and the Childcare Coordinator.
  6. Conduct volunteer and staff training at least one month prior to service including a background check and orientation to the Second Presbyterian Church Child Protection Policy and Guidelines. Share faith formation plan with volunteers. Distribute curriculum and resources to volunteers and staff in a timely fashion.
  7. Provide professional development and spiritual enrichment opportunities for volunteers.
  8. Ensure that the Second Presbyterian Church Child Protection Policy and Guidelines are followed by all persons working with Children’s Ministries.
  9. Work with the pastoral staff, Children’s Ministries Committee, and Personnel Committee as appropriate to create and update policies and procedures for the program such as the Second Presbyterian Church Child Protection Policy and Guidelines.
  10. Facilitate an effective, timely, and comprehensive communication plan for families of children regarding activities, events, and other pertinent opportunities such as in-person, phone, email, text, US Postal Service, social media, church newsletter, church bulletin, church website, and bulletin boards.
  11. Maintain comprehensive, detailed, and organized plans, evaluations, and documents for all activities and events.
  12. Keep attendance records for all activities and events. Maintain KidCheck Program.
  13. Maintain, keep up-to-date, and distribute in a timely manner as appropriate, program documents such as children’s rosters, volunteer job descriptions, Children’s Ministries Program Calendar, event and trip registration forms, and Volunteer Directory.
  14. Keep compliance documents current – copyright licenses, background checks, and such.
  15. Collaborate with other professional staff and support their programs and services for children and their families such as children’s music program, Wednesday’s Together, Advent Workshop, and Sunday morning worship.
  16. Attend and participate in meetings with other staff and congregants as part of a thriving Christian community.
    • Attend monthly Children’s Ministries Committee meetings and work cooperatively with to develop and implement a dynamic program for children and their families and corresponding budget.
    • Attend weekly Church staff meetings and monthly Session meetings.
    • Attend monthly Second Presbyterian Church Weekday School Board meetings as a non-voting member.
  17. Meet twice a month with the Director of the Second Presbyterian Church Weekday School to exchange information regarding current happenings in the Children’s Ministries Program and the Weekday School, and to discuss ways to support and further the faith development of children and their families through collaborative activities and events.
  18. Enthusiastically support and attend Children’s Ministries Program activities and events.
  19. Prepare and manage a balanced budget in collaboration with the Children’s Ministries Committee leadership.
  20. Other duties as assigned.

Work Schedule

The position is full-time, exempt, and includes work on Sundays and some evenings and Saturdays for which flex time off will be applied as per the Employee Handbook policy.


The Director of Children’s Ministries works with the Associate Pastor for Faith Formation and Mission, Children’s Ministries Committee, and Ministry Coordinator for Faith Formation and Mission. The position is accountable to the Session through the Personnel Committee.

Contact to Apply

Rev. Rich Gianzero
Interim Associate Pastor
Office: 502-895-3483